Secure payment

Secure payment and billing


Ops s.r.l.s accepts payments with PayPal and with all Credit Cards or Prepaid Cards belonging to the major international payment circuits. If the customer chooses this method of payment, he will be directed to the PayPal site on a dedicated page. In it the customer can complete the transaction using his paypal account or using his credit card or prepaid card.

Once the operation is completed, the customer will be redirected to the site and display the order number.

The customer data relating to the card are managed directly by the Paypal network specialized in online payment processing. The information is encrypted through the use of 128-bit encryption systems (SSL) that prevent third-party use and are sent directly to the bank or to the card circuit. Ops s.r.l.s therefore has no visibility on the data.


Ops s.r.l. accepts payments by bank transfer to the following IBAN: IT29X 01010 67684 510305277139


The customer who needs an invoice can request it on the checkout page before making the payment. In this case, if the customer is a natural person, it is mandatory to enter the tax code, or in the case of business or professional activity it is mandatory to enter the VAT number.